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Canvas Printing

  • Bridals

  • Family Portraits

  • Digital Prints of your artwork

  • Your own photography (professional and novice)

  • Photo restoration of old photographs

  • Digital capture of your artwork

  • Vacation photography

  • Children's artwork

  • Virtually any image (if you hold the copyright)

We can print on canvas or on paper from very small (5x7) up to very large (36x48 plus). We can print from most digital files for which you own the copyright or have a release to use the image. For example, most wedding photographers typically give a release, allowing you to reprint images for personal use. Our canvas printing is much less expensive than at other places. Plus, we can customize your prints to be just how you want them--something you won't get at Walmart or Costco.

Additionally, if you have a piece of art you would like to preserve, our photographer can do a digital capture (a high quality digital image) that allows you to infinitely print your art on canvas or other mediums. This allows you to sell prints of your artwork or just have the ability to make a copy or two for your family or friends. Come into our gallery to see samples of both photographs and original artwork that we have been able to print on canvas through a digital file. Canvas prints give the look and feel of an oil painting. Canvas prints, often referred to as giclee canvas prints, are so attractive because they have no need of glass.

Q: What is a giclee?

Giclee is a fine art print used by galleries, artists, and print shops. Giclee comes from the French word "gicler," which means to squirt or spray. It refers to the process of using ink-jet printers to print fine art prints on canvas, photo paper, or other mediums. A giclee is sometimes used to refer only to canvas prints, but a giclee can be printed on a number of different kinds of surfaces. Art Gallery Outlet provides fine art giclee prints on canvas and photo p

Q: What is the cost of canvas printing or paper printing?

  • Paper printing: $.08 / sq inch

  • Canvas printing*: up to 16x20: $49, 24x36: $135, 36x48: $279

    • *Price does not include stretching canvas (only includes printing on canvas)


Q: How can I create prints from my original artwork or photography?

The first step in creating prints is to digitize your art or photography. If you already have a high-quality digital file, you are ready to create prints of your original artwork. However, if you only have your original painting or only a negative or print of a photograph, the first step is to have your art or photography digitized. We call this process a digital capture.


What is a digital capture, and what does a digital capture cost?

A digital capture is the process used to create a digital file from an original piece of art. From this digital file, any number of prints can then be made. Digital capturing is employed by artists to create limited edition prints or open edition prints. Art Gallery Outlet contracts with a professional art photographer/fine art printer high to do the high digital captures.

  • High Resolution Capture Up to 16 x 20: $39

  • High Resolution Capture Up to 24 x 36: $69

  • High Resolution Capture Up to 36 x 48: $99