Custom Framing Samples


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We recognize the following artists / photographs who have granted permission to display their work on our site.

  • Wilford Wood commissioned oil painting:  by Ken Corbett
  • Oil paintings of stacked cookies, tomatoes, and ice cream: Susan Jarvis
  • Photograph of Mr. & Mrs. Mondragon:  by Sugarhouse photography, Jon Barney
  • Bride & Groom Photograph of Mr. & Mrs. Rudd:  by Crystal Stewart
  • Bridal Photography:  by Matt Gibby
  • Little girl watercolor portrait:  by Hannah Loumeau
  • Animal cross stitch:  by Dianne Park
  • Fruit painting:  by Amy Cannon
  • Mountain Climber Photography:  by Sam Inouye
  • Pencil drawing of couple: permission granted by subjects--Pugmire 
  • Oil paintings whose rights were owned by Art Gallery Outlet
  • Natalie & Ella, commissioned oil painting