Utah Design Ideas


Are you looking for ideas for decorating your home or business? If so, you've come to the right place! Art Gallery Outlet is arguable the BEST place in Utah to find all things wall decor! From beautiful oil paintings framed in elegant, ornate frames to abstract fine art prints framed in small, simple, sleek black frames. From a contemporary oil painting finished as a canvas wrap to a limited edition print of a cowboy western landscape framed in a rustic frame. From simple and sleek frames for sports posters to enormous, fancy picture frames for your formal portraits.



Framed Oil Painting: Purchasing an inexpensive but beautiful framed oil painting from Art Gallery Outlet is likely the most cost effective way to give your home a new look. Here is a sample of a framed oil painting from Art Gallery Outlet.

The oil painting is 36"x48". The ready-made frame is 6" wide. Overall dimensions: 4' x 5'. Picture frame # is 903 W.

Art Gallery Outlet carries hundreds of oil paintings and frames in our Draper art gallery.



Framed Flat Screen TV: Frame your flat screen tv! It makes a common but often unattractive object a piece of art! Here is one sample of a framed TV from Art Gallery Outlet. This flat screen TV is a 40" TV. The custom framing is 3.5" wide. We can frame any size flat screen tv.

When framing a TV, the two basic features are 1. The frame that goes around the front of the TV--on the TV's face--(gold frame in image)--and 2. The frame that extends from the face back to the wall (black). You may choose most any color or style of frame to fit the style you desire. Art Gallery Outlet carries hundreds of custom framing options in our Holladay art gallery.



Framed Mirror, Master Bath: Add a frame to your bathroom mirror. A framed bathroom mirror will bring class to your master bath.

This pictured mirror is 30" x 70". The frame is about 3" wide, making the entire mirror and frame 3' x 6.5'.

Art Gallery Outlet carries hundreds of custom framing options in our Draper art gallery for your mirror framing.



Commissioned Painting from Your Photos: Art Gallery Outlet also provides custom oil paintings that can be done from your photographs. Do you have a great family portrait, a great photo from one of your family vacation? You can turn these photos into a beautiful custom oil painting. We have done family portraits, composites from different photographs to create "then and now" pictures, and even paintings of childhood homes.

When you do a commissioned oil painting, you want to be sure to have it done by a trusted, experienced art studio. Not just any online art studio or art broker will provide a high quality oil painting. Art Gallery Outlet is sure to please in providing a beautiful oil painting.

Creating a commissioned oil painting from Art Gallery Outlet allows you to participate in the creation process and allows you to have art in your home that is unique to you and your family experience.

From framing your child's 1st grade art project to meticulously designing just the right framing for your valuable collectibles. We have hundreds--no thousands--of design possibilities awaiting you at Art Gallery Outlet. Come design with us today!

Design Ideas for Utah Homes & Businesses

"A house is not a home until you make it so." (www.jillsygirl.com) Nothing makes you house your home better than art--art that expresses YOU. Adding the artwork that fits your personality will take you a long way on the journey to making YOUR home. The fun thing about choosing art, framing, and decor for your home is that it allows you to become an artist in choosing the styles, colors, and combinations that make your home just what you want it to be.

Each day at Art Gallery Outlet, we have trained design consultants who can help you in your Utah interior design needs. If you need additional help, you can hire our specialist in interior design, Kate Patten.

For additional Utah design ideas, we recommend Utah Style & Design Magazine, which is filled with pictures, ideas, and design concepts to help you create the right interior design in Utah.



Local Interior Designers in Salt Lake City, Utah (and other parts of Utah)

We happily recommend the following interior designers with whom we have worked:

  • Malissa Moench: Salt Lake City
  • Michele Reid: Design by Michele

If you are a designer with whom we have worked, and you'd like to be added to our list, please contact us.