Utah Local Art



Utah's Local Artists & Photographers

Art Gallery Outlet offers Utah artwork from local artists and regional artists.  We carry original oil painitngs, giclee prints and lithograph prints from local Utah artists such as Linda Curley Christensen, Richard Horrocks, Judy Richardson, and Ken Corbett. We also carry prints of artists like Jon McNaughton, Arnold Friberg, and Greg Olsen.  We provide prints from photographers like Mitch Bartholemew, Melissa Park and Art Lee. Work from these Utah artists and Utah photographers include both collectible (limited edition prints and originals) and decorative pieces (open edition prints). While our website does not display every piece available, find below examples of pieces of art we offer:

Job Biegel

Ben Haacke
Spencer Rasmussen
Angela Nelson

Local Utah Photographers

International Studio Artists

In addition to local artists' oil paintings and prints from Utah, Art Gallery Outlet also provides hundreds of oil paintings done by studio artists. We can order from thousands of fine art prints from well-known artists around the world.  We are sure to find the right art that will meet your needs--whether local art or international art.  If you would like to request a certain piece, send us an email at info@artgalleryoutlet.com.  We can find you virtually any piece you are looking for.  If we like what your suggestion, we might even carry the artwork in our galleries in the future.



One example of a studio artist oil painting at Art Gallery Outlet.