Ready-Made Picture Frames


Wide Ready-Made Frames (4 - 8" wide)

Small Ready-Made Frames (1 - 3" wide)

Our specialty is wide ready-made frames—ornate, traditional, rustic, contemporary—we have the ready-made picture frames for your art and photography. Because picture framing is an art in and of itself, we carry many styles and colors of ready-made frames. To see these wide (4-8") picture frame options, visit our wide ready-made frame gallery. Our wide 8x10 frames start at $49; see price list below.

We carry many ready-made frames 1-3". When the right framing for your art is a simple, small frame, when you just want the least expensive option, when you can't wait a day for a custom picture frame . . . all these situations are the right time for our small ready-made frames. Visit our small ready-made picture frames gallery to see our selection. 8x10 frames 1" start at $10; see price list below.




Ready-Made Frames vs. Custom Frames

In addition to our affordable line of custom frames, Art Gallery Outlet & Picture Frames provides the finest quality of ready-made frames.  Ready-mades give you more frame for your dollar. Ready-made frames are picture frames that are pre-cut and assembled to fit standard frame sizes for paintings, photography, and other artwork.  Buying a ready-made frame from Art Gallery Outlet provides great frame value for your money. Because they are ready-made for art and photography, they are much less expensive than custom frames. Because of this Art Gallery Outlet is able to offer very large, ornate ready-mades for a fraction of the cost of a comparable custom picture frame.

Come in and see the beauty and price of our ready-made frames and compare these to comparable-sized frames at other custom frame shops in Salt Lake —we’re sure you’ll see the difference!  Save up to 80% on our ready-made frames when compared to other custom frame shops in Salt Lake City, or any other custom frame shop throughout Utah. As is the case with our other product offerings, we will beat by 10% any competitors frame price on ready-made picture frames if in Salt Lake or other cities in Utah. Our ready-made picture frames range from simple to ornate.  Our largest ready-made frame is over 8” wide!  Browse through our gallery of ready-made frames.  Our ready-made picture frames are solid wood frames as well as composite poly resin frames. 

Art Gallery Outlet’s ready-made frames provide an excellent value as well as facilitating the decision process because we have the full frames in stock, allowing you to see the entire frame on your artwork.  Because we carry our ready-made frames in stock, we can normally frame most artwork in a ready-made frame in about an hour if your art does not require glass! Picture frames requiring glass normally take longer to frame--normally within 3 business days. Orders can be expedited.

In terms of price, you could categorize our frames as, "cheap picture frames in Salt Lake City, Utah” because of the price. But when categorizing the quality of our picture frames, you’d have to categorize them as, “the finest picture frames in Salt Lake City and all of Utah.”  Our frames are inexpensive while also being beautiful.  Our picture frames are works of art themselves!  Therefore, we have the best picture framing value in Salt Lake City.  This applies to both our custom framing and our ready-made picture framing.  Come in to Art Gallery Outlet and see our picture frames for yourself.  Our loan policy even allows you to take a full frame or a picture frame corner home with you to see how the frame will look with your home décor.

Don't forget about our clearance section--we have hundreds of discounted ready-made frames ranging from 10% off all the way up to 75% off. Visit our clearance page here.