Utah Art Galleries


Most Utah art galleries specialize in Utah artists, who often paint Utah landscapes of our beautiful mountains, deserts, and other natural wonders. However, Utah art is not limited to Utah's nature scenes. At Utah art galleries, you can find abstract art, portraiture, and religious art--mostly Christian art and more specifically Mormon art. Find below a short list of selected art galleries in Utah. These Utah art galleries were chosen for the list below based on their uniqueness among other Utah art galleries.

Art Gallery Outlet: Salt Lake City, Utah Art Gallery

The unique aspect of this Utah art gallery is its combination of affordable oil paintings and prints--priced in the hundreds as well as artwork priced in the thousands. Art Gallery Outlet has Utah art for every budget. Art Gallery Outlet is a Utah Art Gallery located on the south side of Salt Lake County, Utah, in Draper, Utah. This Utah Gallery carries local art from Utah artists such as Linda Jo Curley Christensen and Jon McNaughton. Art Gallery Outlet also carries art from artists outside of Utah. Art Gallery Outlet sells oil paintings, limited edition prints, open edition prints, and other wall decor. This art gallery also carries picture frames--custom and ready-made.

Williams Fine Art: Salt Lake City, Utah Art Gallery

Located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, Williams Fine Art specializes in early Utah art and Western contemporary art. You will find artists such as Louis Heinzman, Minerva Tiechert, Leconte Stewart, and others. Average prices for artwork is in the thousands--with many collectible pieces in tens of thousands. They provide consignment possibilities for the right piece of Utah art and art appraisals. This gallery is open Monday to Friday from 10-6. This Salt Lake City art gallery has some new arrivals from artists such as John Hafen.


Stanfield Fine Art: Park City, Utah Art Gallery

Located in downtown Park City, Utah, Stanfield Fine Art is an art gallery for art collectors with a big budget. This is an expensive Utah art gallery. Their art gallery website states that their current roster of artists includes Alexander Volkov, Alexei Butirskiy, Pino and master artists Picasso, Rembrandt and Chagall, as well as pop artist icon Steve Kaufman, to name just a few. If you are looking for this type of collectible art, this is the Park City Art Gallery for you. If you are looking for a less expensive Utah art gallery, you should visit art gallery outlet, located in Draper, Utah.


Worthington Gallery: Southern Utah Art Gallery

The Worthington Gallery is located in Springdale, Utah, near Zion's National Park. The Worthington Gallery, which has been in Sprindale since 1980, carries pottery, ceramics, sculptures, glassblown art, and paintings from over 20 different artists. You can find pottery at Worthington Gallery priced in the hundreds and the thousands. Most paintings are priced in the thousands. The gallery is open daily from 9-9.